Friday, July 12, 2013

Long time no hear

Sorry I haven't posted. 
Life can be a little hectic when you have twin babies. 
Both are still healthy and thriving and I have 1 walker. 
Tons of teeth and still more childproofing to be done. 
My husband is under a lot of stress at work so almost all if the household duties. Well, to think about it, yes all of the household duties as well as caring for the twins. 
He's getting some help with his stress now. 

Although my TTC days are over, I love being there for others. 
When I decided to seek medical help to conceive. I joined a group of gals. Called ourselves "TTC 37+". 

All but 1 conceived and have given birth. The other 1 is expecting a baby through adoption later this year. 

It's been a year since I lost my mother and things are finally slowing down a bit and I'm really starting to feel the loss. 
41 years old and I feel like an orphan. 

I was childless for so long that I sometimes feel that these beautiful babies aren't mine. 

It feels as if I've been given someone else's beautiful children to take care of. 

Well these little one are turning 1 next Tuesday and their birthday party is tomorrow. 

Never thought I would get the chance to plan a birthday party for my own babies!!

I will stop the gabbing and let the pictures tell the story. 


Shannon said...

I love the Thing One and Thing Two birthday outfits--where did you find them? We put our twins in Thing One and Two onesies for their birth announcements :)

Babette said...

Hi Shannon! I got them made by this lovely woman on I sent her a pic of the twins once we got them and she's using it on her site. Here it is

Tara Hanley said...

They are sooo beautiful! I lost my mother at 19 so I know what you mean about feeling orphaned. It's bittersweet these moments with our babies isn't it??