Friday, July 1, 2011

FET Cycle May Be Cancelled

Went to the doctor for my ultrasound and blood work.
Even with the increase of estrogen, my lining thickness is at a standstill.
Actually my lining is thinner than last Friday's appointment.
Looks like this cycle is a bust and I will have to start preparing for my FET all over again.
Just waiting for the call.
I drove home in a daze.
Is my body starting to seriously fail?
Am I falling apart?
I don't have the luxury of time.
It is very possible that my mother will not be here when and if I ever have a baby.
I would like to at least be pregnant with a healthy baby before she is gone.


Kez71 said...

Hugs Babette
I know how you feel. Mine got cancelled this morning. Though for me I wasn't taking any drugs, so its just an extra wait.
Im sure you aren't falling apart just yet.
Maybe next month will be good for us both!

Kim said...

I wasnt able to comment when I read this last week (Guilty of reading my iphone at traffic lights). However I wanted to see how your doing and if it was rescheduled? I am so sorry, the word Fair doesnt exist in my vocabulary any more. How is your mother? How are you?